Ebola Threat Looms Heavy Over Commercial Insureds

The spread of Ebola has pushed the threat of a worldwide pandemic into the spotlight. According to a Harvard School of Public Health survey, 52% of Americans are concerned about the possibility of a large Ebola outbreak in the U.S. within the next year.

Whether you belong to that percentage or not, the international fixation on the issue grows daily as concern for post-infection plans come to the table. Are you and your business prepared to operate in a highly infectious environment?

One insurance agent noticed a shop owner in Ohio volunteering to close down her business until officials determine the Ebola exposure does not put her clients or employees at risk.

Q: “Is there a business insurance endorsement or provision in the property policy that covers business income and employee expenses when the owner of the business volunteers to stop operations for a situation like this? If employees are infected, does workers comp pick up the treatment costs? And does the shop owner have a liability exposure if a customer gets the infection after visiting her store?”  Full Story ...

Insurance Partners Agency Continues Expansion With Sirak Insurance Agency Merger

Insurance Partners Agency, Inc. is pleased to announce expansion into Ohio’s Stark County by adding Sirak Insurance Agency, Inc. to the Insurance Partners Agency family of merged companies. Sirak Insurance Agency’s strength in the areas of business insurance, professional liability and medical malpractice insurance is very similar to that of Insurance Partners’. By joining forces, the combined strengths benefits clients of both agencies with the broadest capabilities in insurance and risk management resources.

“This is a fine agency with good personnel that will be a great addition to the Insurance Partners Agency family.” said Insurance Partners Agency President George Dadas. “The new operation is known as Sirak Insurance Partners. The addition provides a sixth convenient northeast Ohio office for our customers to call and stop in for exceptional customer service.” The new Insurance Partners office is located in the Canton office where Sirak Insurance Agency resided.  Full Story ...

Concealed Weapons Complications

The nationwide debate over gun control in the aftermath of the Newtown massacre has raised a number of issues — including potential insurance liability for businesses in states that permit citizens to carry concealed weapons. Here’s why: A company that allows customers or visitors on its premises has a legal obligation to exercise “reasonable care” in keeping them safe, a responsibility that includes warning them about any hidden dangerous conditions. For example, in states with “concealed carry” laws, a store owner might need to post warnings that sales clerks are armed.  Full Story ...